Monday, July 17, 2017

Inside Story


Mindle is an effortless, reliable & smartly designed app for Notes, To-Do lists, Time Reminders, Location Reminders & Countdowns without any complicated options.

In this fast paced life,everyone is too occupied to spend time in app,searching for options and setting things, that's why Mindle is designed to do things in simplest way sans time consumption.

1. Write Note OR Create List.
2. Set Reminders.
3. Terminate App.

That's what makes it unique

* Self explanatory but loaded with features.
* Smart & Time Saving.
* Effortless & Without any complex options 
* Reliable for daily routine and important matters.

Building blocks of Mindle are Reliability, Simplicity & Agility

iPhone Exclusive.


* Write a note (upto 5000 character per note)

* Create a to-do list, type from iPhone keyboard or physical keyboard & press next or return key it will keep adding items to list. (Upto 500 items per list)

* Swiping an item on list from right to left will show Delete & Edit options.

* Has an automatic color selection for note & list.

* The default keyboard will also appear in the particular color of note or list.

* Set time based reminder.

* Recurring reminders can be set as per the requirement( Minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).

* If an app is closed, every recurring minute reminder will continuously repeat after every minute until the app is reopened by the user after that it is automatically deleted.

* Works perfectly in all timezones & adjust itself accordingly.

* Set location based reminder.

* Press finger on map for half a second to set location based reminder. 

* Circular area will appear on map around the set location, when entering or exiting this area the location based reminder is conveyed.

* Once location based reminder is delivered it automatically gets deleted, manual resetting is not required.

* Turn on/off current location update on map via blue toggle button.

* A note or list is required to set reminders, else app will tell that “No List or No Note”.

* Red light indicates no reminder is set.

* Successfully set reminders are indicated by yellow light.

* Active reminders are indicated by green light.

* Variety of tunes are available to choose from.

* Gives an option to attach single image from photo gallery or camera to note or list. 

* When engaged in app for some task, UI will get lock to remain focused on it, once done UI will unlock.

* Notes and lists are saved automatically even when the app is terminated by the user.

* On main screen, timer and location icons will blink when the reminder is delivered.

* Days, hours and minutes states the remaining time in reminder delivery.

* Supports dynamic type, adjust to preferred reading size.

ALERT: Mindle is designed to reliably deliver reminders but here are a few exceptions

* No sound will be played if the “Do Not Disturb” mode is on or the device is muted.

* Needs permission for Notification and Location to set reminders & to deliver reminders.

* In airplane mode location reminders cannot be delivered.

* If app background refresh is off location reminders cannot be conveyed.

* Need internet to accurately deliver location reminders. GPS functioning is very slow without internet.

Designed & Developed By "Shehzar Sani Warsi

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